Chief Beef Loco

*Xavier:* I believe that we are all one. By helping this tiny mosquito, in a way, I’m helping your mother.*Townie:* *(outraged)* He’s comparing the universal oneness of all life to your mama!*(The townies attack Xavier.)* *Attackers:* Take that! Taste the pain! —————————— *Xavier:* You were a hit! Everyone loves you, now. You even, have a girlfriend.*Percy:* Really? Is he disabled? —————————— *Gang Leader:* Nobody has ever survived our initiation, come give it a try. Here’s my card. It’s got embossed gold 12-point Courier font on bone white semigloss stock.*Gang Member:* Bone white? I thought we all agreed to get eggshell white! Absurdity!*Gang Leader:* I’m the leader! I say bone white! *(thinking)* Its haunting elegance is so restrained. —————————— *Gang Leader:* Now boil his blood and get our drugs back. Charge him a recycling fee! —————————— *First Gang Member:* We all have our own way of killing. Me, I like to kill on the beach.*Second Gang Member:* I like to kill to music.*Third Gang Member:* This is kind of embarrassing, but I like to kill on the toilet. —————————— *(“Shiny”, a metallic drug dealer, beats Xavier as he lies on the ground.)* *Shiny:* *(between punches)* Give…me…back…my…son! Wait…sorry…I…mean…drugs! —————————— *(Shiny has been tossed into a vat of molten metal.)**Shiny:* *(crossing himself)* I accept Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal savior! Yes, made it!*(He melts.)*